Once an organisation has signed up to Our Club Lotto, the lottery will operate automatically on a weekly basis offering your community the opportunity to play via your own branded lottery web page. This makes it clear that funds raised are for your organisation and are not linked to any other lottery.

The players are given clear options on how to play, including repeat plays for up to 52 weeks and a “lucky dip” option. There are responsible limits set on the number of plays any player can make on a single log in. You can set your own price for each play from £1 upwards so that you set what you consider works best for your organisation and your community.

You can create your own bespoke lottery by setting your own jackpot levels and the rate at which it grows on a rollover and you can set any second tier prizes to suit your circumstances.


Sign Up

Sign up today to learn more on tailoring to your circumstances

Get A Licence

Obtain a local authority licence to operate a small lottery

Your Portal is Live

Your custom-branded portal for online play is live to the public

Get Promoting

Share your custom URL with your community online and offline

Fundraising Begins!

Your supporters and community play online to help raise the funds you need

What We Need You To Do?

The transparent costs are driven by the costs of payment processing and administration. We operate all lottery administration and payment processing on your behalf. 90% of all funds will go direct to your organisation on a weekly basis so that you quickly have complete control of all funds raised.

You will require a small lotteries licence from your local authority and we will support you in obtaining the licence if required.

We will require high resolution images of your branding and any photography you wish to use on the portal.

What Do We Do?

The software portal which we maintain operates the lottery administration for you on our secure software recording the entries from your players and linking the funds received for transfer to your bank account. We remit the funds to you weekly.

Our system will advise you automatically of all winners in your lottery and you can make payment direct to your lucky winners.

Based on your level of activity we will invoice you on a regular basis for the use of the Our Club Lotto Portal software service, payment handling, and remitting funds to your club. Our 10% deduction for services and payment handling are transparent and clearly identified at the outset. All charges are inclusive of VAT if applicable.

Once set up all you have to do is promote your lottery, pay your winners, and invest the surplus in your activities.