There are very few sports clubs that don’t have challenges funding their activities and so many committees and organised groups struggle to find the time to run much needed events and activities that drive the extra income so essential to vibrant clubs.

Generating regular weekly income with little active input is a bonus for any club. Once established, Our Club Lotto can build predictable and repeat levels of income with significant opportunity for growth.

Every club can set its own parameters within its own branded web page, responding to demand and increasing profits with long term strategies for jackpots and prizes that are won by those supporting the club.

The local nature of Our Club Lotto means that someone in your club will probably know whoever wins the prizes and everyone who plays the lottery will be directly interested in the success and development of your club. What is more, is that the nature of a lottery is that everyone contributes only a small amount on a regular basis but the cumulative impact can be significant with no one person or small group carrying the burden of funding the club.