Frequently Asked Questions

Do we need any regulatory approval to operate a lottery?

You need a small lottery licence available from your own local authority. This varies slightly from area to area but is normally a nominal cost in relation to the overall lottery activity. You might already have an appropriate licence if you are already involved in certain fundraising activities. Our Club Lotto will walk you through every step of applying for a licence where required.

Do we require an online payment portal to manage card payments?

No, we provide this on your behalf and cover all of the costs for payment approval, fraud detection and payment handling all included within our fixed fee of 10%.

What does Our Club Ltd charge for the costs of operation?

Our Club Lotto Ltd charge a fixed fee of 10% of turnover. This includes card processing and transaction fees meaning your organisation retains 90% of the lottery proceeds for prizes and good causes. This covers normal payment processing costs for approved transactions.

Are there any set up costs?

There are no upfront fees. £150 + VAT will be deducted from your first online lottery proceeds to cover the creation of your own branded lottery page. No advance payments are required to get up and running.

How is the lottery draw made?

The numbers for the lottery are drawn on a Wednesday before 6pm in front of an Our Club Ltd official and independent witnesses and is recorded on video.

Would our lottery be part of a larger lottery?

No, your lottery is bespoke and involves only your community so that you shape what is needed for your circumstances. You can control jackpot, rollover increments and other prize levels as well as pricing and promotion. This means the prizes from your lottery will always be won by someone linked to your community.

When do we receive our money?

Payments are collected via the Lateral Payment Systems Ltd payment portal and are normally remitted to you via Our Club Ltd, net of all charges, within 10 days of each weekly lottery draw.

Are there any other costs?

There should in normal circumstances be no further costs arising from our service except in the rare event that fraud or card chargebacks for disputed or failed payments result in excess charges being levied on Our Club Ltd by our payment handling providers. In that event those costs will be notified to you and will be charged at cost.

Is there a minimum age to play?

All players must be 16 years or older to play, any plays by a person under the age of 16 are void and no refund will be made.

Can the lottery be played from overseas?

In most instances a player can play from overseas although some countries do not allow gambling online and you need to be aware of the laws in the country you wish to play from if you are outside the UK.

Do players need to check their numbers each week?

Winners are checked automatically and will be notified directly to the club so that the club maintains the player relationship, there is therefore no need to check numbers or contact the club to claim a prize.

Are there any deadlines?

Entries close at midday Wednesday for that week’s draw, any entries after midday are entered for the following week.

Are there any limits to what a player can spend?

Each entry is limited to a maximum of 10 lines per entry. The minimum number of entries is one.

Are refunds Allowed?

There are no refunds allowed in any circumstances.

Can entries be made for multiple weeks?

A maximum of 52 weeks can be played at any one time.

Will players be reminded about expiry of a multi week play?

Players will be advised of the details of a multi play when they play, they will also be notified on expiry.

What happens to the jackpot when it is won?

Following a win, the jackpot will return to the club minimum jackpot level. The jackpot is set by the club and the jackpot for the current week of play is detailed on the club website.